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I've upgraded from 1.5.14 to 1.5.15 recently, with no problems other than one particular quirk — which is a bit of an annoyance, rather than a problem.
1.5.14 and before didn't have a template_rtl.css in the /templates/system/css/ folder. The upgrade from 14 to 15 has now supplied one in that folder.
The quirk is this: pre 15 upgrade, hitting the print button displays the article text as you would expect for an English site. Post 15 upgrade, the print preview is displayed rtl (right to left) with all the text right-aligned etc.
Not being terribly good at this coding lark, I've managed to determine that this new template is being called when the print button is hit and that the template is the cause of the problem. Renaming the template makes everything return to normal again.
Obviously this is a cludge, just to get it working again, however I've no real idea where to start looking at why it's calling a template that will probably only be used for certain foreign languages that actually are read rtl.
Incidentally, the site itself is fine and the default language is set as English (United Kingdom).
Can anybody give me a few pointers please?

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